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Math 20
 Pop Quiz #1 

1. Explain the difference between the imperfect, pluperfect, and perfect tense. Identify them in the following sentence:

I have written already about that time I was writing when I wrote my most confusing sentence.


2. Diagram the following sentence:

Note to my younger self: you can't revive a dead assassin with the aspirin from her purse.


3. Reword this quotation into modern English, and explain its historical significance:

But taak it nought, I prey yow, in desdeyn.
This is the poynt, to speken short and pleyn,
That ech of yow, to shorte with oure weye,
In this viage shal telle tales tweye

4. The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski cleverly put the classic "Hard Boiled Detective" genre in a fantasy setting. The more obvious tropes include the setting's poverty, violence, corruption, its portrayal of moral codes, government, law, dignity, and death, and of course the main character's lethality, reliance on stimulants, infatuation with a femme fatelle, and need to balance sustainance with heroism. Write a standard five-paragraph essay explaining why Geralt of Rivia fits a modern audience better than Mike Hammer or Sam Spade, or why a fantasy setting now allows communicating the traditional social messages of the genre better than a big-city setting. Any student who titles his or her essay "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" will be blinded and gutted.