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Math OER
Week 5 Homework, Part B

The greatest reward for a student is not a good grade. It is the willingness of his teacher to listen to him.

- Nikolay Konstantinov

Answer every question. Try being nice to your eyes and posture by printing this page and working with pencil and paper. Then use the button at the bottom of the page to create a code by processing your answers. Copy-and-paste the code into an e-mail along with the answer to your short answer question.

Keep trying each homework assignment until you get 8 out of 10 or more.

This homework is different. It is all short answer style. As always, group work is encouraged!

Share specific examples from your own life:

  1. a percentage that is a part of a whole, and a percentage that is not a part of a whole
  2. a list of categorical data, and a list of quantitative data
  3. a list of data whose mean and median are very different
  4. a list of data whose range is greater than its highest value and which does not have a mode
  5. a list of data that has high standard deviation, and a list of data that has zero standard deviation
  6. a data set appropriately written in a frequency table, and data set inappropriate to write in a frequency table
  7. a data set appropriately written in a contingency table, and data set inappropriate to write in a contingency table
  8. a data set appropriately drawn as a pie chart, and data set inappropriate to draw as a pie chart
  9. a compliment, complementary outcomes
  10. a simple outcome, and a compound outcome