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Math OER
Week 6 Activity

Practice with Standard Deviation

Show your work or explain your thinking. There may be a few different methods that work.

1. Suppose a class was split into two teams of fourteen students for a finger-snapping contest. (Note: the two teams are considered two populations.) Find the mean for each team.

Red Team Blue Team
Data ValueDeviationDeviation2 Data ValueDeviationDeviation2
50 50
42 54
30 50
43 50
41 43
40 44
44 59
36 53
45 49
40 40
42 10
35 28
41 45
38 48

2. Find the standard deviation for each team.

3. Which group had the higher mean?

4. Which group was more consistent at finger-snapping?

5. What conclusions can you arrive at if the standard deviation for the number of finger snaps for an entire group is zero?

6. One student answered that the only way that can happen is if everyone in the group had zero finger snaps. Is that student correct? Explain why or why not.

These problems are not graded. They are only to help you practice with our math topics. Do not rush to look at answers! First ask for hints from your instructor or classmates. But if you are really ready, the answers are here.