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Math OER
Week 1 Activity

Practice with Percents and Rates

Show your work or explain your thinking. There may be a few different methods that work.

1. If the population of Eugene is 163,000 in 2015, and it grows by 5% over the next ten years, what will the population be in 2025?

2. In your own words, explain the process for increasing a quantity by 5%.

3. How do you increase a quantity by 50%? Explain.

4. Is it possible to increase a quantity by 100%? Explain.

5. Eugene's population was 145,000 in 2005 (and 163,000 in 2015). What percent did Eugene's population increase from from 2005 to 2015?

6. If you have two quantities, how do you find the percent increase? Explain.

7. Eight feet of pressure-treated 2×10 board costs $14.49. How much will it cost to buy 158 feet of the board?

8. Last time I bought concrete, I spent $1159 for 7.5 cubic yards. This time I'm going to need 18 cubic yards. How much should I be prepared to spend?

9. A 40 ounce bag of coffee beans costs $23. What is the cost per pound?

These problems are not graded. They are only to help you practice with our math topics. Do not rush to look at answers! First ask for hints from your instructor or classmates. But if you are really ready, the answers are here.